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AN EXCITING ADVENTURE IN THE VASTNESS OF THE GALAXYPlay as a space shuttle pilot.Become a space destroyer in a battle against alien enemies.
Your strategic mission is to destroy the orbiting space stations, destroy asteroids and meteorites that you encounter in your way. Evade the dynamic enemy projectiles and lasers. Engage in a deadly battle with alien spacecrafts. Get diamonds for destroyed targets, with which you can buy additional weapons for your space shuttle.
The game is a simulator game of a spacecraft cabin.You have an option to choose between joystick controls and accelerometer controls.
During the game you can improve your space craft, by purchasing new equipment using earned diamonds, such as:• sights;• teleport;• homing missiles;• add 100% more energy.
Additionally you will find in game:• electro fueling stations;• sets of homing missiles contained in glass containers.
If you have questions or suggestion, please contact us.